Ways To Create A Harmonious Space

The competent design of the kitchen combined with the living room does not imply a complete merger of the two rooms. Of course, the interior should be unified, harmonious, zones of different activity should organically combine, different textures and forms cannot come into confrontation. At the same time, it is necessary to provide for certain isolation of the kitchen part, the refectory, and the recreation area. Otherwise, using the interior will become uncomfortable both from a physical and psychological point of view. There are various methods of zoning spaces.

Architectural Solutions

The arrangement of multi-level floors and ceilings allows you to visually separate one part of the room from another. The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen can include special podiums for a kitchen island, a dining table, or a soft seating area in the living room. Raised floors and lowered ceilings, in addition to decorative functions, are capable of solving practical problems. For example, they can hide unaesthetic kitchen communications. Of course, the installation of multi-level structures can only be used in houses with sufficient wall heights.

Partitions And Walls

When combining the kitchen and dining room, it is not necessary to remove the entire wall. You can simply arrange an opening, an arch, or even leave a part of the wall in some cases. Specialists of the company will help design special windows in the adjacent wall, with the help of which both rooms will seem to be a single space. For those who strive to make rooms as bright as possible, light transparent and translucent partitions made of glass, plastic, and other modern materials will be the best choice. Partitions can be fixed or movable. The latter will allow at any time to isolate one zone from another or, on the contrary, to create a common field of activity.

Use Of Finishing Materials

The fastest and most cost-effective way to highlight functional areas is to use various shades, textures, and structures in the decoration.

Furniture Groups

You can mark the boundaries with the help of specially selected furniture. The most common option is to install a bar counter. It often serves as the boundary between the work area and the recreation area. However, all kitchen furniture can be installed as a separate island, separated from the rest of the room. Often, the entire set is united by a one-piece tabletop of a complex shape. In some cases, the tabletop can flow smoothly into the dining table.

Another way of zoning a room with furniture is to install shelving. Lightweight frame structures allow you to keep the room light and spacious, but at the same time, emphasize the transition from one part of the room to another.

Notes Of Wildlife In A Modern Metropolis

An excellent way to mark the boundaries is to place an elongated narrow aquarium with lighting or install a “living” wall of plants and flowers. The unique natural fencing will bring an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and warmth to the house.